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Hahn Tactical

About Us

About Us

The history of Hahn Tactical can be traced back to Robert Hahn Sr., an engineer by trade opened a small precision machine shop in 1964 serving local industry in the Winchester, VA area. We have grown conservatively over the last 50 plus years to serve many industries including aerospace and defense.

In 2012, our CNC manufacturing facility was awarded the AS-9100 quality certification for aerospace based on excellence in quality control. This is a testament to our dedication in process management, professionalism and attention to detail. Some of our larger customers include Northrop Grumman, NASA, Orbital ATK, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Naval Research Lab, Raytheon, Rolls Royce, Rubbermaid and Remington Firearms.

In 2014 we began contract manufacturing precision firearm components (primarily barrels, gas blocks, receivers, handguards and suppressors) in small to medium batch sizes for retail gun shops and up-and-coming rifle builders/manufacturers. We specialize in providing turn-key products custom tailored to our customers’ exact specifications which includes custom logos and serialization.

We proudly offer a lifetime warranty and accuracy guarantee on every component and firearm we produce.

Call us today to discuss your manufacturing needs. No batch size is too small to get your new product line started.

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